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New international Karate Federation was born in Dublin Saturday 25/4 2015


On Saturday 25th of may in Ireland Dublin a new karate Do Federation was born between the two countrys Ireland and Sweden.

Wado Kokusai Suzuki-Ha Sweden and Wado Kokusai Karate-Do Ireland joined togheter under the new name "Wado Kokusai Suzuki-Ha Europé"





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Seminar with Sensei Philip Kear 8th Dan


15th & 16th of August, Weekend course with Sensei Philip Kear who is the eldest student of the late Tatsuo Suzuki Sensei.


Location: Ireland

Organiser: Wado Kokusai Karate-Do Ireland












Location: Örebro, Mifune Kampsportsklubb

Organiser: Wado Kokusai Suzuki-Ha Sweden






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